Risk Assessment

Reduce E-Commerce Risk and Stay Clear of Risk with Merrick Mirror Assessment

Risk Assessment

Reduce E-Commerce Risk and Stay Clear of Risk with Merrick Mirror Assessment

Merrick Mirror Risk Assessment Service

Did you know that every 30 seconds, there is suspicious activity in E-Commerce process served daily around the world?  Rest assured that at Merrick Mirror, we have build a unique method to identify the risk hidden in the E-commerce access we serv.  With our own unique background of IT expert skill sets and professional experience, we now offer risk assessment service to reduce the your E-commerce site from being exposed to the fraud, illegal goods and services, counterfeit, and other violations.  Let us guide you with our professional Risk Assessment Service, so you can keep clear of risk and continue your business journey.  


Portfolio Review

We will review all the products and services that customer offer to make sure there is no fraudulent or illegal contents that can harm the service before the launch.  We will also make sure there is high-risk data in our prohibited list.


Site Monitoring

To protect our customers, we run periodic check to identify and find hidden risk with your service site including credit card processing network, site contents, and merchant product listings.  We protect all of our customers from inside and outside.


Know Your Customer

We board our E-Commerce customers with quick and easy process by eliminating extra steps, yet meeting all required regulations.  We know having secure and reliable business process is important, so we make it as safe & quick as possible.


Protecting EC Site

We offer web health check for detecting the vulnerabilities from malware and other threats so our customers can stay off from the risk and avoid unwanted fines.  Keeping the web protected and clean will eliminate losses caused by malicious online activities. 

* Merrick Mirror Risk Assessment Service requires consultation and custom quote to meet your requests.  Please connect with us for more detail.

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